62 Best Gifts for 18 Year Old Boys in 2020


If you have a friend, a brother, or a boyfriend who is celebrating his 18th birthday, you might be stumped on what to get them. 18 can be a tough age to buy gifts for because men at this age are at a big transition period in their life. Don’t worry, though, it wasn’t long ago that I was 18, and in this article, I’ll be sharing all the best gifts for 18 year old boys.

Keep in mind that the recipient’s personality and interests are very important when choosing a gift. A person who enjoys being in nature is unlikely to be too thrilled with a gaming console, just as a gamer won’t be too thrilled with a Swiss Army knife. With this in mind, I have included a large selection of gifts covering a wide range of interests. There should be something for everyone!

Here Are the Best Gifts for 18 Year Old Boys

1. Personal Blender with Spout Lids

Sometimes preparing food is a stressful and complex process that takes us a lot of time. Especially if you are a person who is often on the move and does not have enough time to go shopping for groceries and prepare them at home. If you are such a person, and you take care of your health, the best solution can be a mixer thanks to which you can prepare and chop food and thus create various juices and smoothies that you can take with you. Prepare delicious desserts, healthy juices, protein shakes, and take them with you no matter where you go. An extra shaker bottle will be a source of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients for you as you perform important tasks at work or school.

2. RFID Wallet

Advances in technology have brought a lot of good things. For years, all your personal information, money, and assets fit into several plastic cards and into a mobile device. Of course, it is a very practical solution that allows us to be productive and mobile, without the worries caused by overcrowded pockets. But as technology has advanced, so have the methods of criminals. It has never been easier to steal someone’s personal information and money. What’s worse, technology allows criminals to take away your identity and your money without contact. By the time you realize you have been robbed, it is usually too late to take action. Therefore, it is important to be prepared and ready to secure your property and identity from those who want to harm you. Thanks to this wallet, you don’t have to worry about criminals and their technologies. This wallet blocks RFID technology, thus protecting your property and identity.

3. Indoor Grill

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A grill can be a great choice for anyone who enjoys foods prepared this way. Whether it is meat products, vegetables, or other foods like pizzas, we will agree that they all definitely taste better if grilled. This grill of perfect dimensions and quality of workmanship will provide you with unforgettable culinary moments that you can share with your friends and family. The grill itself is very easy to maintain, and the parts that are easy to disassemble can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher. You can also use this grill indoors as it is powered by electricity. You don’t even have to worry about the fats and juices that come out during cooking, thanks to the removable tray.

4. Waterproof Backpack

Do you spend a lot of time outdoors? Do you lead an active life in places where there is a lot of moisture? Do you enjoy activities on the beach or by the pool? Do you like to fish? Then this gift is perfect for you! This is no ordinary backpack. This backpack is much more than that. First of all, its task is to protect your items such as mobile phones, computers, backup clothes,  camping equipment, and the like from the negative impact of moisture and water. The backpack comes in two sizes, 35 and 55 liters in volume, which is more than enough for shorter nature trips. The backpack is completely waterproof, and thanks to its ergonomic design, it can also be used as a daily backpack for all those who live in wetter areas and are often exposed to rain and the like.

5. Genetic Ethnicity Test

This is one of the most interesting gifts on our list. Have you ever thought about your genetic picture, what nation you belong to, to what extent, and what are your ethnic roots? You can now get a crystal clear picture and an idea of where you come from and where your family’s roots are. Thanks to this DNA test, you will get a visual representation expressed in percentages of where your ancestors were and moved thousands of years back. Genetic markers are specific to each area, and it is thanks to this and technology that we can determine with certainty the movements and origins of nationalities and ethnicities throughout history. Also, you will be able to connect with people with whom you share the same and similar genetic picture, no matter where you are in the world, and thus rebuild long-lost connections!

6. Fully Loaded Swiss Army Knife

Backpackers, scouts, and campers, but also servicemen, craftsmen, know that the Swiss Army Knife, originally developed for the Swiss Army, is the ideal set of pocket-sized tools that will benefit you for a lifetime! Take this knife with you on your daily adventures without sacrificing the space in your backpack and pockets. This pocket knife has a bunch of different uses. With it, you can make simple repairs, and it is a great companion for all cyclists and people who like to spend time in nature.

7. Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill

If you are a carbon fan and want a complete grill experience that an electric or gas grill cannot provide, this gift may be ideal for you. Yes, other types of grills can provide a great culinary experience, however, the aroma of foods that are thermally processed on charcoal is still a higher category. This grill brings you everything for the perfect outdoor meal. It gives the food a special smoky grill smell and creates an ideal barbecue ambiance in the garden or on the balcony. The dimensions of this grill make it very portable and a great solution for grilling on short trips, camping, or weekend gatherings with friends and family. It is great for preparing meat dishes, fish, grilled vegetables, and other delicacies!

8. Compact Refrigerator

And with each grill, cold beer and other drinks like juices are a must. And if you don’t have too much space in your house, apartment, or maybe camper, and it’s important for you to make the most of every inch of space, and a small refrigerator like this will allow you to do just that! It is seemingly small in size but hides just enough space to cool and keep your beer, food, juices, and other groceries fresh. You can keep it as a backup fridge anywhere in your home, or use it as your primary refrigerator if you don’t need too much space to store your groceries. But if you are looking for something more, the manufacturer offers you 4 different dimensions that meet everyone’s needs.

9. Rocketbook Smart Notebook

Do you write often? Maybe you draw? Are you environmentally conscious and don’t want to spend too much paper? If the answers to these questions are yes, this kind of reusable notebook is a great solution for you. Thanks to a combination of technology and tradition, everything you write on this block can be scanned and stored forever on your mobile device, tablet, or computer. When you’re done scanning via the mobile app, simply erase what was written with the special cloth and start over! The application for scanning written content is completely free, and this set comes with a stylus included. This gift can be a great choice for anyone who writes often and likes to have your notes organized and easily accessible at all times.

10. Wireless Phone Charger Pad

Do you often have situations where your mobile device or smartwatch runs out of battery? Welcome to the reality of the modern age! With a wireless charger, you can forget about all the disadvantages that charging via cable brings us. Use it in any free time, while working on a computer or on school projects, without leaving your device away from your view on the bed or any other place to charge. Thanks to advanced wireless technology, you can charge almost any device, be it your mobile phone, earbuds headphones, or smartwatch. This device supports all the most popular manufacturers of technological equipment, so you do not have to buy different wireless chargers for each device separately. The device is completely safe to use, both for you and your gadgets.

11. External Hard Drive

With the rise of technological solutions, the transfer of media in the online format, the development of cameras on mobile devices, the requirements for data storage are becoming greater and greater. As far back as ten years ago, modern computers had the amount of memory that lower-end mobile phones have today, so it is understandable that many resort to additional solutions to successfully and securely store a bunch of data they possess. But most portable hard drives have drawbacks. They are not impact-resistant, so they get damaged easily. This device we chose is just the opposite. It’s made to last, and it’s shock-free. The latest generation of USB enables fast data transfer, and the volume of 1 terabyte is larger than most computers today. Store your pictures, documents, photos, videos, and much more in one of these devices without fear of data loss! If you are a gamer and you need an additional solution for a bunch of games that do not fit into the internal space of your console – this is the perfect product for you as well, as it is compatible with all the more popular consoles on the market!

12. Bean Bag Chair

This is perfect for 18 years heading off to college or just those who want a comfy chair to lounge around on in their room. Beanbag chairs are also an excellent solution for seating guests at larger gatherings, and you can easily store them when not in use. But if you are looking for a solution for every day, your unique place where you can take a break from everyday stresses, look no further than these sitting bags. Their biggest advantage is that you can shape them according to your needs, which is impossible to achieve with conventional chairs and armchairs.

13. Storage Container Set

Everyone who enjoys cooking knows that gifts like this are probably the most useful part of any household. If you strive to organize your household, and especially the kitchen, these glass containers for storing food and groceries are ideal for you! Thanks to them, you can save leftover food for later, prepare several meals at the same time to have food ready for another day, or take lunch with you to work and school. These dishes are resistant to high temperatures, and you can heat food in them. You can also use them for your freezer without fear of breaking the glass. The lid of the dishes does not let air in, so your food will stay safe and fresh for a longer time than is usually the case with cheap and plastic containers.

14. Ergonomic Gamer Chair

It is becoming increasingly common for people of all ages, but especially young people to become more involved in the world of video games. In addition to being fun, video games also became a profitable profession. This gift is an ideal gift for all those who seek a pleasant experience of relaxation while enjoying the favorite game, or any other work that includes long sitting in front of the computer. Sitting in front of a computer for a long time can cause a lot of health problems, most often those that affect our backs. That’s why it’s important to preserve your health, and spare yourself the pain and discomfort caused by sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time. This is one of the best gifts for 18 year old boys that spend a lot of time on their computer.

15. Toolbox

If the person you are giving away is a craftsman and enjoys disassembling, assembling, creating and repairing, this is the perfect gift. Most men are tool lovers. We like to explore things, find out how certain things work, and do minor repairs. But without the proper tools, we are doomed to seek the paid help of professionals. And while this is hard to understand for the fairer sex, it is often a big blow to our ego. This set of 158 different tools will provide everything a home builder needs to show off his skills! The high quality of workmanship and versatility of these tools will last for many years. Thanks to the box in which this set comes, you will never lose a single tool again, which most often turns out to be most needed when it is most urgent.

16. Solar Charger

Whether you’re getting ready for work or maybe studying, your battery is almost certainly not good enough to provide you with what you need during your active daily life. If you often spend time outdoors in parks, or enjoy camping, this solar charger is the right solution for your battery! This charger is very easy to use and comes with several interesting tools that you can use during your outdoor adventures. It comes with a built-in compass that will make it easier for you to navigate and LED lights perfect for navigating in dark conditions. You can charge all types of devices, and during your outdoor stay, solar cells will convert solar energy into electrical voltage and thus provide you with an inexhaustible source of energy.

17. Beard trimmer

At the age of 18, it is usual to start noticing physical changes in a person’s body, especially when it comes to body hair. Normally men start to grow beards, but as with everything, some will be delighted with this, others probably not so much. Not to mention how many men have a problem with hair growing in places they wouldn’t want to grow. Have you noticed that barbershops are in fashion? There’s a good reason for that. All men regardless of age want to always look impeccable and attractive at the workplace, school, with their friends, with their partner, and also with themselves. So now think about how much they spend on average per month in these barbershops? Probably a lot. From now on you can cut your own hair in the comfort of your home. Trim your beard and hairstyle without going to the barber, and remove hairs that bother and annoy you. This device comes with a bunch of extensions thanks to which you can choose how long you want to shorten your hair. Of course, you always have the option to remove your hair completely without using extensions.

18. Adjustable Dumbbells

Many of the young people today have begun to worry not only about their health but also their physical appearance and for that reason, gyms have become fashionable nowadays more than ever before. However, many times people pay extremely expensive monthly fees, only to attend a gym once a week due to the crowded schedule. On top of that, other people’s sweaty machines with unpleasant hygiene conditions might be a dealbreaker for some. Also, there are people who for various reasons prefer to train alone. Some have a problem with self-confidence, while others do not want to wait their turn to make a series with weights. Thanks to this gift, all these problems are a thing of the past. From now on it is possible to train in the comfort of your own home, and work on your appearance and health. This set consists of a stand on which you can store your weights to keep your living space organized. Also, thanks to the different weights of these dumbbells (15-120lb), you can perform countless different exercises of different intensities.

19. 4k Camera Drone

It’s no secret that since about 2015 drones have become fashionable, so if you’re looking for something unique to experiment with, this is the best gift you can give to your child, friend, special person, or partner, who is about to turn 18. Drones have become a popular fun gadget, and more powerful models can also be used for professional purposes. Flying drones with a built-in camera gives you at any time a unique view from a bird’s eye and panoramic perspective. Thanks to the quality of the recorded material and the ever-improving possibilities, drones have outgrown the category of toys. With them, you can capture shots you might not otherwise, adding an extra dimension to your digital video and photography. The WIFI camera allows you to see what the camera sees in real-time, which helps you with the navigation. With the application, it is possible to connect and record videos directly to your phone and share them instantly with your friends and family.

20. Airpods by Apple

Airpods have transformed the way we listen to music on the go. But not only that, more and more people are using them as the primary way to conduct conversations while engaging in daily activities. Thanks to the ergonomic design, these headphones fit perfectly to all shapes of ears and do not cause discomfort. Probably because of this, we often meet people who forget to wear them at all. They are easily connected to your mobile device, and the sound quality does not deviate from the much more expensive and larger models that are powered by cable. This is where the biggest advantage of earbuds headphones lies. Forget about tangled cables and the difficulties they cause while moving, driving, or playing sports.

21. Portable Coffee Maker

Whether they need a pick me up before the gym or a cup of coffee before class, a portable coffee maker is a great gift idea. A portable coffee maker will open a world of flavors and aromas when enjoying your everyday cup of coffee! The portable espresso maker can be easily placed in a cup holder of your car, or a bottle holder in a backpack, so it will be your perfect companion when traveling and driving. It is easy to use and clean. This portable coffee maker will unlock the delicate taste and aromas no matter where you are.

22. Luxury Fountain Pen

Although we are now in a stage of electronic communication and everything is digitized through cell phones or computers, this gift becomes a very important tool for the young person because by entering adulthood they already begin to sign contracts, business deals, sign documents, or simply capture ideas on the piece of paper. So if you want to give something that can be remembered, the pen is a good option, because whoever receives this gift will use it quite often and will become forever grateful. This quality pen comes with a Schmidt tip, plated in 18-carat gold, with a large ink capacity, enough to use it for long periods of time. The pen comes with a beautiful box that is ready to wrap and surprise your dear ones.

23. French perfume

A fragrance is not only a complement to hygiene but also a personal expression. A good fragrance shares a person’s taste and character. You can share it with everyone, and we’re sure everyone around you will notice it. Giving a perfume to a young person of 18 years shows that you have made an effort to recognize and find the style and personality that he might identify with. A gift like this creates an emotional bond. Every time a person uses it, it reminds them of the one who gave it as a gift. It is important to choose a perfume that matches your personality. The offer of perfumes is wide, and every man can find the right one for himself. But it is important to mention the very function of the perfume for a person entering the world of adults. Perfume is a sign of growing up, and as such is one of the elements that can define us as an adult who came out of adolescence. Because, when have you seen a child or adolescent use a serious perfume? Probably never.

24. Sunglasses

If you are trying to find a perfect gift for a special occasion like this one, you might consider the option of giving a pair of sunglasses as a present! Even if you think it is a very simple and risky gift for a person who has just turned eighteen, these glasses will be of great help to protect his sight from sunlight. Glasses are a fashion accessory that can complement any style of clothing, and completely transform the overall look of the one wearing them. They go well with daily casual clothing combinations, but also with business and official style. The glasses are cool, and this model, which has been the best-selling for decades, will surely positively surprise all those who are no longer children and strive for a more serious look. If you are looking for a gift with an iconic look, look no further, because the quality and timeless design of these sunglasses make the perfect gift for your loved one.

25. Cowboy Hat

A Stetson hat is without a doubt a very risky and selective gift since not all young people are lovers of the old styles. This is mostly because a gift like this can make them look a little old-fashioned. But even among eighteen-year-olds, there are old and artistic souls who are in love with classics and adventure. If you know one, you’ve found the right gift. Many young people like to combine the old fashion look with the modern one, by that creating a hipster result that will make them look fun and trendy. So, if the young person you are buying for is very daring and likes to experiment, this might be a perfect gift for you! This high-quality hat made out of wool has a semi-curved edge, which is the style used in the rural areas of the south of the United States and the north of Mexico. Forget about boring gifts that everyone buys. Something like this, aside from the quality, brings a lot of originality and elegance that will make a person stand out! And there is no better time to stand out among your peers than when you turn 18!

26. Running Shoes

Sporting life begins at a very early age. This is the reason why young people are devoting themselves more and more to sports and to improving their physical development, especially at the age when their body is entering its best phase. Giving shoes is always a great option because it is a practical and useful gift. It never hurts to have a new pair of shoes. But not all sneakers have the same function. Some are intended for walks, some for work, and quality, and above all comfortable running shoes are inevitable for all those who do sports. It is certainly important to mention that modern running shoes are orthopedically customized to optimize the function of the foot, lightweight, and provide a sense of satisfaction when running. But as we are all different, don’t forget to ask what size sneakers your loved one is wearing. Because just one wrong number can mean a complete difference and spoil the overall impression.

27. Hiking Shoes

Your birthday boy is a fan of adventure? Does he love to see new places? Many times these people are so excited about their new adventures, quests, and travels that they completely forget to equip themselves with all the gear and supplies needed for a full-adventure experience. And we all know that wilderness doesn’t forgive, and often a simple piece of equipment can make the difference between a successful and enjoyable experience, and a complete fiasco. And what is more important for a nature lover than hiking shoes? These hiking shoes are waterproof, ideal for trails, and other inhospitable environments like forests and mountains. They are designed for maximum traction on all terrains and will ensure you a safe and comfortable walk no matter where you are. No doubt you will surprise him with this gift.

28. Leather Wallet

Have you ever thought about how useful wallets are for men? Like everything in life, things change as we grow up, and the accessory in which we secure our money and personal documents shouldn’t be an exception. That’s why swapping a teenage wallet for a more stylish one is a good option for a gift. Forget about giving away chocolates, which, although it’s a great option, is not very personal and ends up being forgotten after a few days. Better dare to give a wallet that besides being a piece that expresses style, helps maintain order in the pockets and generally helps you stay organized. Therefore, if you are thinking about giving something that will be used every day, a quality wallet made of real leather, with a pleasant and soft texture, might be a perfect choice for a gift.

29. Electric Skateboard

Electric vehicles are slowly taking precedence over other obsolete modes of transportation. And we’re not just talking about cars. More and more means of transportation, which until recently were powered by our own energy, are switching to electronic form. Electric scooters have become an everyday sight on the roads around the world, and thanks to the development of batteries and the reduced size of electric motors, the electric skateboard is one of the novelties that are slowly conquering the world! Electric skateboards are powerful devices. They are very light, and do not require much maintenance care. They reach almost incredible speeds, and thanks to powerful batteries, you can use them as your primary means of transportation for commuting to work or school. Thanks to the manual controller, operating an electric skateboard is very easy and simple. Control the speed as you see fit, and the braking system will ensure you drive safely even on busy roads.

30. Spikeball Set

Spikeball is one of the fastest growing new sports in the world. It’s fun, effective, and a great way to have fun for your friends and family. Assemble a team and try Spikeball, a new fun version of beach volleyball in which the ball is not passed over the net but bounced off a small trampoline. Spikeball is a dynamic multiplayer game and does not require any special equipment other than this set. So, no special sneakers, rackets, or sticks are needed. Everything you need to get started comes in this set. The rules of the game are very simple, and if you want to learn more about the game itself and the techniques, Spikeball communities exist in almost every city. This sport is a great and fun way to have fun with your friends while staying fit and healthy! This is a great gift for 18 year old boys.

31. Charging Stand

Our electronic devices have advanced greatly in recent years. But unfortunately, we have not yet been able to find a way to store and use energy from batteries more efficiently. Precisely for that reason, almost all of us have found ourselves in a situation where our smartphone, or a smartwatch, in a situation where we need them the most – run out of battery. Thanks to this charging stand, your battery can always be ready and fully charged! While working on your computer, you can charge the battery on your smartphone, watch, or headphones. The beautiful and contemporary design of this stand will complement and enhance the look of any desk. The advantage of this stand over the others is that you can charge 3 different devices at the same time, thanks to which you will not have to choose between devices.

32. Gold Ring

Have you ever thought of giving a ring as a gift? The ring might be a good gift for any occasion, whether it is a birthday, Christmas, or any other important date. And what day could be more important than an eighteenth birthday? Rings are ideal gifts for friends or family members. What kind of ring should you buy without fearing that it will bore you over time? The choice is not easy as the ring is a symbol of love and friendship and therefore must be chosen correctly. Whether you are looking for an elegant ring that goes perfectly with your suit for formal occasions, a dazzling model for an evening out, or a subtle ring that will complement your daily outfit, this ring is a great choice for all your needs. If you want to attract attention, choose a ring of unique workmanship that no one else has.

33. Fossil Watch

Whether it’s a birthday gift or for some other important event, you want your gift to be meaningful and usable. The watch is a high-quality gift that can be combined with anything, and as such serve as a key accessory to any clothing style. The watch is a gift, which, if well maintained, can last for decades. This type of gift exudes security, exclusivity, glamour, and hundreds of positive emotions. If you are worried about whether the watch is the right choice for a gift, since the person you are giving it to already has a wristwatch – don’t be. Most people who own a watch usually have several copies in their collection, and men often become watch collectors. Consider whether the person to whom you are buying the watch will wear it on business meetings, other special occasions, or it might become an everyday piece. It is best to choose a multifunctional watch that can be worn on many different occasions. Precisely for this reason, we have singled out this watch, which with its design and quality makes a perfect gift for all those young and versatile people who nurture a universal style. This is a gift that any 18 year old guy would love.

34. Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port

If you’re thinking about what might be the perfect gift for someone entering the age when they start studying or working permanently, a good bag is a pretty safe bet! Carrying a computer to the office or university, and also being able to store items such as documents, pens, markers, headphones, makes the right gift choice. Once you have made a significant investment in buying a laptop, it is important to do everything in your power to protect it and extend its lifespan. This bag is a sturdy, long-lasting solution that serves as a way to protect your personal belongings. In a pile of unnecessary gifts that are disposable or have no purpose, something like this bag can be a real refreshment and provide the user with everything he needs to meet his tasks easily and practically. This is one of my favorite gifts for 18 year old boys, especially those heading off to college.

35. Leather Jacket

We continue with useful gifts that can be used every day! This gift is ideal for people who live in a cold climate and want to look a little more sophisticated and active. Everyone at some time has used a jacket to cover themselves from the rain or simply to warm up in the winter. A quality jacket is a must-have item that every man needs, even for those who live in warmer regions. Take it with you on trips, during a rainy day, or perhaps on vacation in colder areas. This modern leather jacket comes with a removable hood, so you can transform its look from casual to business, or any other. It will pair perfectly with all types of jeans and trousers, and the quality workmanship will protect you from negative temperature influences. The jacket contains many compartments in which you can store your belongings and be sure that they will not get wet and damaged.

36. Tie Set

Do you want to surprise your friend, cousin, or brother with a gift to complement their outfit? Or are you just bored of seeing that person wearing the same tie all the time? The path to maturity requires changes in almost all segments of our lives, and one of them is the way we dress. The increase in responsibility and frequent situations that require a more serious approach from us are the perfect opportunity to delight everyone you meet in your professional life with a detail like a tie. Take a risk and give not only one tie but a set of ties so that the person now has great variety and can combine them with various suits. Tie clips and cufflinks are an indispensable detail that gives each tie a higher dimension, and can completely change the style, making it more elegant and refined. This set contains 3 men’s neckties, 3 pocket squares, and 4 tie clips and cufflinks that you can use in different clothing combinations.

37. Wireless headphones with Bluetooth

Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t like to enjoy a good song? Or maybe you listen to podcasts often? You don’t like reading a book in its original form, and you “read” audiobooks more? Wireless Bluetooth headphones allow you to listen to your favorite songs anywhere without bothering anyone, feeling very comfortable and happy. In addition to listening to music, they are perfect for taking online classes, moving around, working, and traveling. These headphones are comfortable and very easy to use. Ergonomic design and build quality will allow you to enjoy your favorite audio content for a long time, and easy connectivity with all modern electronic devices gives you countless possibilities of use. The best thing about these headphones is that a full charge lasts you up to 30 hours of continuous playback, so you have excellent autonomy. So ask yourself… What 18 year-old wouldn’t want to receive a gift like this?

38. Professional Camera

People always want to leave a photographic record of special occasions. Whether they are filming birthdays, weddings, baptisms, Christmas, love and friendship, anniversaries, trips, nothing can reflect a memory as good as a video or a photograph. And of course, not to mention today’s society where we are all present online and where we share our images from everyday life would be unfair to the cameras. However, the cell phone camera is not enough to get a good quality photo. For more serious photography, something more is needed – a professional camera. A professional camera has almost countless possibilities thanks to which all those who love photography or often take pictures will get the perfect companion in their travels and all the other special occasions that deserve to be remembered. So what better gift than a camera like this one to take the best and most beautiful photos and videos without a blurry and shaky end result? Also, it should be mentioned that this camera has a basic but complete kit. It comes with different lenses with which you can take pictures at different angles and distances, and a bag where you can pack your camera among other things.

39. GoPro Camera

And for those who lead a more active life filled with sports and adventure, a sports camera is the perfect gift. The sport camera has become an indispensable element for all sportsmen, adventurers, and people who travel in an extreme style. Sports cameras are small and portable. They can very easily be mounted on your helmet, bike, motorcycle, or any other means of transportation you use in your active life. If you run – great! You can mount it on your chest or head. If you swim – the accessories available for this camera allow you to shoot underwater. The camera is made of high quality materials that are resistant to shocks and adverse external conditions. It is small in size, but the powerful hardware inside the camera will delight you with the quality of the recording. If you are a vlogger and record similar content, the built-in microphone will record your voice in high quality. You can record video or take photos. It is very easy to use and charges quickly via a USB charger. This is the perfect gift for all those of a more restless spirit who like to share their adventures with others.

40. Smartwatch

Once you go from being a teenager to being an adult, people and especially men are concerned about their physical appearance and begin to exercise their bodies, either by taking classes at a gym or training on their own. That’s why it is essential to have a tool that allows you to keep track the results of exercise! A smart watch allows you just that! Thanks to this smart watch, you can keep track of how many steps you made during your workout, how many calories you lost, how fast you performed the exercises and how fast your heart beat during your workout. Some outstanding features of this smartwatch are based on people’s everyday problems and current events. Thus, this watch features functions such as message notification, sleep tracking, and blood pressure monitoring, in addition to multiple more ideal functions for tracking physical progress throughout the day. A simple gift in a small form that brings countless possibilities to those who use it.

41. Wireless Speaker

First of all, if you desire to give something fashionable and go a little out of the traditional, this gift fits perfectly. This portable speaker can be the perfect gift not only for the person you are giving it to, but also for everyone around them. You have to keep in mind that when you give something like this, you are not only giving a sound amplifier to enjoy the whole repertoire of songs you have on the playlist, but you are giving future experiences, memories and emotions. It is easily portable, and although it is small in size, the sound it produces is high quality and loud enough for your first neighbors to call the police. This sound amplifier is capable of withstanding up to 12 hours of continuous playback and that should be more than enough for outdoor parties, camping and more.. And not only that, it is also waterproof, so you no longer have to worry about the rain, pools and beaches. Why not give one away? Especially to someone who will be turning 18.

42. Tablet

As we already know, we are in the technological era. You’re probably reading this list from your computer, smartphone, or maybe tablet thinking about how you’re going to make a purchase online. Have you thought about how useful tablets are? The portability and ease of transport of tablets are why many prefer them over laptops. They can be easily carried in a wallet or a bag to wherever you want to go, and at the same time provide a completely different and better experience than your mobile device. They are a great solution for work, school, but also for a lazy afternoon watching movies in your bed or doing everyday tasks. That’s the reason why we consider it one of the best gifts you could give to someone coming of age. This Tablet is designed in such a way that it provides you with more space and comfort to be able to view any type of content you want. Besides, the battery has a range of approximately 13 hours, so you don’t have to worry so much that it’s going to “die” when you need it the most. Finally, it has 32 GB of internal memory but can be expanded to more than 500 GB using micro SD memory.

43. Smartphone

We all have smartphones. Smartphones have completely transformed our lives in the last decade, making it almost impossible to imagine everyday functioning without them. They have long outgrown the category of communication device for sending messages and making calls. Today we use them in our work, learning, listening to music, and with the development of cameras more and more often in photography. So, if you are thinking of giving your partner, relative, or friend a cell phone as a gift, you will surely be remembered forever. Yes, this gift is not cheap, but the 18th birthday is not celebrated every day. And to make that birthday really special, a gift like a smartphone is perfect. Its triple camera compartment will make you feel a unique experience in your photos and videos. Processor power and software solutions that set new industry standards set this device apart from the competition. If you are looking for the best device, look no further, because with a smartphone like this you will not go wrong.

44. Laptop

Many of the young people who turn eighteen are starting college life or full-time working careers. From that moment on it is essential to have a tool that allows them to do research, write documents, edit videos, and even get distracted from time to time by enjoying movies and videos. It is impossible to imagine any professional career without using a laptop. Laptops are devices that offer us countless possibilities to progress in everyday life and successfully solve the tasks that life presents to us. It is very thin, perfect for transporting it to wherever you go. It has a 13.3-inch retinal screen, perfect for spending a night writing your documents without worrying about the damage it may cause to your vision. The hardware features can perfectly fulfill multitasking activities, in addition to being able to play games in your free time. A laptop is first and foremost a useful gift that can be used for years, and as such a perfect option for all those stepping into the world of adults.

45. Video Games Console

Today’s lifestyle doesn’t leave too much time for fun. Stressful situations and the accelerated pace of life have a bad effect on our body and psyche. Young people, and especially those undergoing transformation into a group of adults, are also not immune to all the negative effects that life brings. And to sometimes relax in the company of your family and friends, a game console can be the perfect gift. A console like this gives you just that and more. Play the latest world titles and relax, at least on the weekends! The great features of this device, and the hundreds of games to choose from, will give you hours of fun and relaxation. You can also start your stream career and share your gaming experience with other players in the world.

46. Smart TV

Today, 18 year-olds are the ones who have embraced the technological age the most, and who have begun to strengthen their learning by making use of these tools. Televisions are no longer just devices on which we watch content offered to us by service providers. Thanks to technology, you can connect your TV to other devices in your home, such as smartphones, computers, and more. Want to watch movies? Great! Pre-installed applications allow you to enjoy your favorite movies and series in a larger format. Do you like listening to music? No problem. Connect your mobile device or use one of the applications that this TV comes with. Enjoy all the key moments in sports, movies, and fast-paced games with 120-degree motion processing and a minimizing image delay to create a crisp image without motion blur. This is the perfect gift for anyone who is preparing for single life, owns a console, or likes to enjoy movies and series. This is a gift any 18 year old boy will love.

47. Bottle Opener Personalized

This custom leather jacket bottle opener is a great accessory for beer enthusiasts. Not only does it look great, but it also feels great in your hand. It would make a great gift for beer lovers and would also make an excellent addition to your own kitchen inventory! Although most countries allow the consumption of alcoholic beverages as beer from the age of 18, in some it is still necessary to wait a bit longer. For such, this bottle opener can be used to open various sodas and other drinks. The personalized bottle opener is made of leather and ideal for opening drinks anywhere thanks to its portability and stylish design. You can choose from several natural leather colors, and the inscription on the leather can be completely personalized. Whether you want to put your name, number, company name, or any other inscription – it remains to your imagination and will.

48. Whiskey Stones Set

If you want to find the best gift for a friend who has just turned 18 and whose favorite appetizer is whiskey, this is the perfect gift, and we are sure they will love it. A gift set of whiskey stones along with 2 crystal glasses and other accessories, ideal for any celebration, might be the best gift you can think of. Whiskey chilling stones will allow you to enjoy whiskey at the optimum temperature. And we all know how whiskey that is at a high temperature can have a bland and ugly taste. From now on, thanks to this invention, you can enjoy perfectly chilled whiskey! The set comes in a wooden box ready for packaging. And if your celebrant is not a fan of whiskey, don’t worry, this detail will be a great decoration for any space.

49. Video Games

If the person you are giving away to is a fan of games, they have certainly heard of Cyberpunk 2077. This game is probably the most anticipated title in the last ten years, and there is a good reason why this is so. This game is likely to completely transform the gaming industry. Some of the videos showing the gameplay seem so realistic that it’s almost impossible to figure out if it’s a movie or a game. After that description, do not you think it’s a great gift? Do not hesitate because this game is one of the most sought after gifts in the world! We all need “me-time” from time to time. And those who love games, most enjoy such time solving missions and advancing on the roads of the virtual world. Video games are always a safe bet when it comes to gifts for 18 year old boys.

50. Mountain Bike

Although for many people outside the cycling world, bicycles are nothing more than toys, the truth is that bicycles are one of the most efficient inventions. The bicycle is probably one of the most popular means of transportation in the world. In some countries, bicycles are used for the purpose of public transport, and they have also found their place within sports. The bicycle represents a clean and ecological means of transport and plays a fundamental role in health, the environment, as well as the budget. So is it worth giving a bicycle as a present? Of course, it is. If you give a bicycle as a gift, make sure you give one that suits all the tastes of the person being honored. For that reason, we believe that the Schwinn high mountain bike is the ideal one. This bike has a frame with suspension forks for controlled riding on routes where the road is much more demanding. Also, it has all-terrain mountain tires and light-alloy wheels, which allows for greater stability. Surely the person will be very grateful to you for not only taking care of their pockets but also their health.

51. Bike Helmet

Safety always comes first. Although the protective helmet must be worn on the head by cyclists under the age of 16 when riding a bicycle on the road, the helmet is recommended as an important safety element for every cyclist. While all helmets essentially serve the same purpose, there are plenty of variations when it comes to comfort, weight, ventilation, and of course, price. If you are professionally or purely recreationally engaged in some type of bicycle riding, it is clear that a helmet is a must-have item. As cycling is a sport where there is a risk of severe head injuries, there are safety standards that must be met by the manufacturers. This helmet has a lightweight micro-shell design that allows for greater comfort when doing any route, therefore it will not weigh you down while driving. And not only that, the full shell coverage offers maximum protection for your head, which contains 20 crucial air outlets that provide maximum ventilation in the case of the summer route. So this would be a perfect gift for that dynamic birthday boy who likes to do this kind of sport.

52. National Geographic Metal Detector

Metal detectors have become very popular lately, mostly thanks to several YouTube creators who often show in their videos how much treasure is hidden under our feet, without us knowing it. This metal detector can wake up a real researcher in each of us. There is almost no piece of land that does not hide a secret. Maybe it’s an old coin or a shell from an old war. You’ll probably come across coca cola caps more often, but you never know what’s hiding in your backyard and neighborhood! We hope you don’t come across any unpleasant surprises.

53. Time Capsule

18th birthday is a special birthday. Symbolically, on our 18th birthday we celebrate the transition to the world of adults, and perhaps a time capsule like this is the perfect way to mark that day. Time capsules are one of the most interesting gifts from this list. In them, you can store photos from your childhood, messages sent to yourself and others, or some other items that will cheer you up one day in the future when you decide to open the capsule. This capsule is made of stainless steel that will last for decades buried in the ground.

54. Electroacoustic Guitar

Still don’t know what to give away? Would you like your gift to be something original and useful at the same time? Well, after having exhausted all the ideas about what to give to a young person of 18 years old who is into arts and music, we bring you one that for sure you haven’t thought of. How about an instrument? A guitar? This is an ideal gift for all young music enthusiasts! But he doesn’t play the guitar … No problem, give him a chance to learn! Although at first glance the guitar may seem like an instrument that requires a lot of work to master, with the development of technology and online solutions learning to play the guitar has never been easier. There are thousands of websites thanks to which you will learn to play such an instrument in a short time with a little practice and without paying a professor. If you haven’t done so yet, awaken the musician within you and step into the world of first-person music.

55. A Book

For some, books are a boring and common gift. For others, the book is a view of a different world experienced through the eyes of a writer. An eighteenth birthday completely changes a person’s world. Life begins to bring various challenges before us, and without prior knowledge, it is difficult to cope in a new environment. Ray Dalio is one of the 100 richest people in the world whose fortune according to Bloomberg is $ 14.6 billion. But what interests us is that the author has decided to share his secrets with the reader in order to cope better in the demanding financial world. The author, in short, explains the path to success and gives you tips on how you can achieve it yourself and become more successful than others.

56. Flexible Gooseneck Desk Lamp

Table lamps allow you to adjust the atmosphere in the room in several ways. They provide additional lighting where needed while giving the rooms a personality. Also, just exposure to blue light emitted from a device like a computer, tablet, or mobile device can strain our eyes. For this reason, it is advisable to use such devices in a lighted area to keep our eyes tired as little as possible. Table lamps can help you work more efficiently, productively, and comfortably. This lamp is adjustable, and you can point the light source in the direction that suits you best. If you read, you need more light, and if you work on a computer, you can very easily achieve a backlight effect that will stress your eyes less. This is a great gift idea for 18 year old boys heading off to college.

57. College Hacks

College hacks is a book for all those who are preparing for several years of study and preparation for a career that will accompany them through life. College can be a stressful place. New people and colleagues, a new environment and a completely different life schedule full of obligations and responsibilities are a stressful step. But thanks to this book, you can be somewhat prepared for everything that awaits you in the coming few years. This book does not only bring tricks to help you in your academic progress. Thanks to it, you will learn a lot more, for example how to claim victory as a beer pong champion, or how to remove that gross stain from your shirt before your interview.

58. Accessory Organizer

Gone are the days when we only carried documents and some money in our pockets. Today things are different. Mobile phones, money, documents, cards, headphones, bank cards, are just some of the things you can hardly do without. Of course, all of this causes organizational chaos in our pockets, desk, or living space. And to organize your belongings, one bag like this is the perfect solution. It contains enough space and compartments to keep everything in its place and save you the time you waste looking for the things you lost. The dimensions and design of this organizer will provide you with an item that you can use every day no matter where you are.

59. Foot Massager

This incredible massager will fulfill your expectations as a gift, thanks to the various benefits that come with it. Removing the tiredness caused by muscular cramps and stimulation of blood flow, make the perfect gift for all those who spend most of their time on their feet. Our feet contain nerve endings of all internal organs, so it is very important that our legs feel rested to improve the work of other organs in our body. It is the ideal gift for all ages and much more in people who are turning 18. You can use this foot massager while watching TV, reading, working in the office, or simply relaxing on your days off. It is very easy to use, and different usage programs provide a mode for each individual.

60. Instant Camera

Let’s travel to the past when the photos taken were printed and went straight to the family album! There is something romantic in the way we have taken our photos in the past, which has almost completely died out with the development of technology and the progress of social media. Photo albums today have a digital form, but they failed to replace that feeling we had when we shared our memories in physical form with our friends and family members. That’s why from time to time it is good to look at photographs outside the screen of our mobile phones. This instant camera gives you just that, photos in physical form as we are used to in the past. And you can use photos in a variety of ways! They can go directly to your photo album, but can also be a decorative detail on your wall and desk.

61. Unisex Charging Bracelet

We all know that bracelets are an accessory that fits very well with both sexes. So if you have in mind to give a bracelet on the 18th birthday of your special person, do it in style with the latest trends. The USB charging bracelets are a stylish piece specially designed to carry the cell phone charger anywhere without being forgotten. It is a unique and different gift thanks to which you can charge your phone or any other device when your battery is running low. Thanks to this bracelet, you do not have to carry long and inconvenient cables to charge your device. Simply unbutton the bracelet, and connect your phone to a power source in a fast and efficient way.

62. 3D Pen

Create works of art with this special pen. It is great for creating a variety of 3D ideas. It works on the principle of a glue gun that combines the material contained in a pencil and uses it to create various works of art. Using the pen is easy, so it can be used by all generations regardless of prior knowledge and age. This is a great and original gift for all those who have a little artistic spirit in them, and they will surely find benefit regardless of whether it is used for simple repairs, creating figurines, jewelry, or any other three-dimensional objects.

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