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Winparts car parts is located in the north of the Netherlands. Winneweer, in the Groningen province to be precise. This is also where the name comes from: Win (Winneweer) and Parts (car parts). The ´van Essen´-brothers, Ari and Meinard, founded the company in 2005. There´s however a bit of history which precedes Winparts. Back in 1986 the van Essen brothers started D-parts in the city of Groningen. Here they started selling used BMW car parts. Their passion for car parts was caused by their own broken-down BMW E12. It soon became clear that it was difficult to find a replacement for their broken gearbox. Their only possibility was to buy a second-hand car. So a donor car was bought, the car dismantled and the gearbox was mounted in their own car. The other parts of the bought BMW were sold and D-Parts was born. In 1987 D-parts moved to Winneweer, expanding storage facilities enormously with a warehouse of more than 10,000m2.

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